Copyright Disclosure

Authors of articles published in the Nsukka Journal of Religion and Cultural Studies (NJRCS) typically retain their copyright, unless otherwise specified. This means that authors have the right to distribute and archive their work. However, there are exceptions to this right. Third-party materials such as photographs or other content owned by the publisher or other copyright holders may not fall under the authors’ copyright. In such cases, authors may need to seek permission from the relevant copyright holders before distributing or archiving these materials. Additionally, authors must provide proper citations to the original work when sharing or archiving their articles.

Downloading and Distributing of Material

Any action involving copying, downloading, transmitting, or distributing Content is contingent upon the acknowledgment of any copyright notice. The copyright information must be explicitly revealed and cannot be altered, removed, or concealed either wholly or partially. Certain content may incorporate data, tables, or excerpts from external sources for which NJRCS lacks the copyright or re-licensing rights. To ascertain whether the material can be reused, the author(s) are advised to reach out to the original copyright holder (typically the initial publisher or author). It is incumbent upon the author(s) to secure all requisite permissions for copyright release before incorporating any copyrighted material into their manuscript.