NJRCS Volume12 (1), 2024



Vol. 12 no.1 (2024) | ISSN: 2277-0186 




Table of Content

Original Research

COVID-19 and the fluidity of Group Identification: Perspectives from Religion and Philosophy

Josephine Ngozi Akah & Anthony Chinaemerem Ajah

Original Research

Jesus’ Teaching on Servant-Leadership (Matthew 20:25-28): A Model for Christian Youth Participation in Politics

Funke Elizabeth Oyekan

Original Research

The Role of the Church in Inclusive Education

Perpetua Omemo Oniala,

Original Research

Worshipping God to Stay Alive and Staying Alive to Worship God: A Study of Roman Catholic Church’s Response to

COVID-19 Pandemic in Nsukka, Nigeria

Kingsley Ikechukwu Uwaegbute & Damian Onyemaechi Odo

Original Research

Religious Pluralism and Political Restructuring: A Way Out of Socio-Political Quagmire in Nigeria

George Asadu

Original Research

Beyond Presumption: Proof of Olódùmarè’s Existence Using Afẹ́fẹ́ (Air), Ilẹ̀ (Soil) and Omi (Water) among the Yoruba

Akinmayowa Akin-Otiko

Original Research

Moral Challenges of Marriage Institution in the Contemporary Igbo Christian Society

Ndidiamaka Vivian UgwuKanayochukwu Michael Okoye & Christian Onuorah Agbo

Original Research

The Catholic Church and Obnoxious Widowhood Practices in Nanka, Nigeria

Ekenedirichukwu Eze & Sandra Mmachukwu Umeh

Original Research

Paul’s Philosophy of Taking a Little Wine in 1Timothy 5:23 and Drug Abuse Among Nigerian Youth

Nnamdi Ugochukwu Ijeudo

Original Research


Book Review

Traditional Theology as Dogmatics Vol 1. Predestination, Election and Eternal Security

Kingsley Ikechukwu Uwaegbute