Volume 2 (2008)

NJRCS Volume 2

Vol. 2 no.1 (2008)

 ISSN: 2277-0186 



Table of content

Original Research
Indigenization of catholic charismatic renewal
Hillary C. Achunike
Original Research
Matthew 25:31-46: Towards the church and the less privileged
Collins Ikenna Ugwu
Original Research
The significance of Christian youth development in eradicating corruption in Nigeria: Luke 2:41-52
Ezichi Anya Ituma
Original Research
The influence of Christian religion on Nsukka traditional practices
Anuli Okoli
Original Research
The quest for African Christology: Towards a re-definition of Jesus in African context and faces
Omaka Kalu Ngele
Original Research
Religion and Gender problem in Nigeria: The Christian religious dimension
Nkechinyere Gloria Onah
Original Research
Defending the voiceless: A study of Exodus 1:15-22 in the Nigerian context
Mary Jerome Obiorah
Original Research
The person, presence and mission of the Holy Spirit: A contemporary analysis focused on Luke’s account and the Nigerian Church
Agwu Nnachi Ukoma
Original Research
The early church and economic empowerment programme
Benjamin C.D. Diara
Original Research
The “Pentecostology” of Pentecost: A critical appraisal
Godwin C. Abiogu
Original Research
The biblical concept of Parousia
Charles S. Allison
Original Research
The contributions of the Presbyterian Churches to the improvement of lepers in Nigeria, 1920-2006
Donatus I. Njoku
Original Research
Christian religious perspective on poverty alleviation: issues or fact
C.N. Njoku
Original Research
Youth unemployment and the role of the church
David Onongbu
Original Research
Christian religion and the task of nation building
Joseph N. Chukwuma


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